The Holidays Have Arrived!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

By Jeanne Blum Certified Personal Trainer

Everyone’s favorite time of year is finally here — the holidays have arrived! Holiday cheer is everywhere we look, stores are festooned with festive decorations, houses are trimmed with lights and that unmistakable smell of pine is in the air. It’s also the time of year when it’s easiest to forget all that hard work you’ve put into getting fit and staying into shape.

Between constant deliveries of holiday treats, the increasing demands on your time and the stress that comes with holiday it is easy to let all the hard work you’ve done slip away. Isn’t that how the change happened? All of a sudden you looked in the mirror and you didn’t recognize the person you saw, it was time for a change. Now that you are working on your goals of achieving that new body, you have to make sure that this dangerous time of year doesn’t throw you off your track.

How do you do this? How do you battle the craving for sweets, get yourself into the gym, and not let all the stress of the holidays get to you? Fear not, you have so many options!

The biggest offender is food. The obstacles are endless — clients think they are so sweet sending that gift basket, someone in the office baked cookies, you have a barrage of holiday parties and dinners that you just can’t say no to. Yes those pies look amazing, the candied yams would satisfy that sweet tooth and that fatty prime rib sounds delicious.

The key is to look for the foods that are delicious and workout- friendly! Go for the colorful veggies that are packed with nutrition. Turkey and chicken are low in carbs, high in protein and delicious. Be sure to limit alcohol (empty calories!) consumption and alternate drinks with a tall glass of water or two. When it comes to appetizers avoid the breads, chips and dips, and opt for the veggie platters, fruits and lean meats. Remember, everything you eat means calories, and that’s work you put in at the gym!

Nutrition is the number one thing that you are in control of that can make or break your workout. It’s the difference on how you feel when you look in the mirror or step on the scale. You get into the gym anywhere between 3 to 5 times a week on average for an hour maybe and hour and a half, if you’re lucky. When you think about how many hours are you NOT in the gym, it makes sense that the battle starts with how you fuel your body. When presented with tempting sweets, fatty foods and appetizers that look delicious on the plate but not so delicious on your thighs, pause and think that first bite through. You have worked hard all year. Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean you have to give up and start again in the new year. Don’t let yourself get caught up and set back by the holidays. Avoid that extra weight gain and eat smart!

Jeanne Blum is a certified personal trainer at Fitness SF in Corte Madera. She can be reached at or on her Facebook page at

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