Fitness SF and Sunflower Wellness Partner Up!

We’re very pleased to announce a new partnership with SunFlower Wellness.  This new partnership will allow us to provide cancer exercise classes at some of our locations here at Fitness SF . The Sunflower Wellness membership program will be available at Fitness SF Mid Market and Fitness SF Fillmore. Memberships are available beginning September 1st, 2015. 

Our class programs will kick off early October, 2015 and will include Strength & Balance and Yoga classes at Fitness SF Mid Market.  Look for more announcements on class dates and time soon. For more info, please visit


Viz Media Wellness Week

If you work at a desk all day long, then you need to get out and move, stretch and make your muscles function properly. Fitness SF Mid-Market trainers Eddie Arrizon and Tyson Parker takes the company Viz Media through great movement exercises for their Wellness Week. #MyCityMyGym #LiveFitness

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The SF Giant Race

Team Fitness SF had a great turnout for The SF Giant Race this past Sunday at AT&T Park. We had about 30 participants out of the 50,000 runners supporting Project Open Hand. There were great vendors there like Cliff Bar, Blueprint for Athletes, North Face, Emerald, State Farm, Fitletic, Powerbar and more. Congrats to all of the 5k, 10K and Half Marathon runners! #‎MyCityMyGym‬

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The Salvation Army Back To School Carnival

Fitness SF showed their support at the Salvation Army Back To School Carnival this past weekend by handing out free water bottles, playing exercise games and just plain having fun with the kids. The Back To School Carnival gave over 1,500 under served kids backpacks, school supplies, and other goodies.

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The Official Gym Sponsor of Spartan Race AT&T Park 2015

Fitness SF was The Official Gym Sponsor of the 2015 Spartan Race at AT&T Park. Employees, spouses and members trained hard, worked as a team and mentally pushed through the 3 mile long obstacle course on Saturday July 18th. There were 60-70 participants on Team Fitness SF! Thanks All!

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Vyykn Water and Fitness SF

Do we really know the facts about bottled water?

There are many “tales of the tape”, but what we do know is that Fitness SF has taken another step towards a healthier gym environment. Vyykn Water and Fitness SF have partnered up to give our members the healthiest and most affordable purified/enhanced water option on the market. Currently we have one of these fantastic machines at our SOMA location (soon to be more).

IMG_0333 IMG_0331

How does it work?

1. Purchase a subscription (included is the bottle, tag and serial number)

2. Register your ID tag on their website (

3. Scan your tag on ANY Vyykn machine ANYWHERE. Then fill with the water of your choice: Purified Water (Run through advanced filtration removing Chlorine and Flouride), Oxygenated Water (Filter dissolved Oxygen. Purified Water that refuels muscles quicker for recovery), Ionized Water (PH balanced / alkaline using a mineral charge increasing minerals and ph level) and Carbonated Water.

4. Enjoy your water

For more information please visit


The New FSF Blog

Welcome to the new FITNESS SF blog!

We’re all about providing our members with the right tools to reach their fitness goals, and this blog will give us the opportunity to do that!

With weekly contributions from our training staff, you’ll get inside information on how to boost your weekly workouts and maximize your performance.

Exercise tips, recipes, and training videos are just some of the topics we’ll be covering to get you where you need to go.  We’ll also let you know about our work in the neighborhoods we live in and everything else that we’re doing right here in the Bay Area!



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